How to Get Started

To get research started, gather together your papers.  Write down what else you know.  Make photocopies of everything (scanning is an acceptable alternative).  Make sure it’s all legible!  Send me by e-mail or post

If there’s been an extensive amount of prior research, especially by other professionals, make sure that you provide all the details to prevent duplication of effort.

One day’s research costs $240.  If you prefer more rapid-progress, you can request multiple days to be spent at the same time, which increases research efficiency somewhat by increasing the ratio of research time to analysis and reporting time.  There is a discount for multiple days requested at the same time:  two days ($450), three days ($650), four days ($825), or five days ($1000).

It’s natural to have questions if you have never done this before.  Feel free to call day or evening, Monday through Saturday:  801 E-N-G-L-A-N-D (801-364-5263) if you aren’t getting all your questions answered on this site.

Alan J Phipps
2005 Taylor Ave
Ogden, UT 84401-0930
Phone: 801 “ENGLAND” (801-364-5263)

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