Problem Solving

This service is designed for do-it-yourself genealogists who want help overcoming a particular impasse in their research.  There should be limited objectives.  One or two items of information, a limited time period, and a specific locality are important parameters. 

Feel free to e-mail with a proposed problem to be solved.  Don’t include all the details at this point.  In a paragraph or two, describe what you want to know. 

A minimum of $100 is necessary to open a problem-solving or record-searching account.  The actual charge will depend on the time spent, and you can limit the amount to spend on a particular objective.  All research must be pre-paid.

Thus a complete request might be “Spend up to $50 trying to trace the marriage of _____.  Here’s what I know and what I’ve already done…”  Remember, you must tell me what records you have already checked to avoid duplication of effort.

Alan J Phipps
2005 Taylor Ave
Ogden, UT 84401-0930
Phone: 801 “ENGLAND” (801-364-5263)

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