How Long Research Takes

New research accounts are welcome and replace other projects as they are completed.  One day each week is reserved for beginning new accounts, during which your file is set up and any necessary correspondence is sent out so vital certificates and results of prior research will be in hand when your scheduled library research session comes round.  Your request will be acknowledged and the probable research/reporting schedule announced.

The whole process of initial analysis, correspondence, library research, and reporting usually takes 30 to 90 days, as dictated by the circumstances of your pedigree.  Naturally there is some waiting, for the research must not be rushed, and a queue of satisfied clients is evidence that you haven’t entrusted your research to a beginner.

Most pedigree research on a single surname requires more than one research session to complete, if your goal is to trace the family to the beginning of the surviving records.  Until we begin the research, we won’t know the likelihood of an easier or a more difficult project.  In some cases, we will tap into previously completed research and will merely be making copies and verifying the results.  In most cases, however, some if not all original research will be necessary, and that will take several sessions to complete. 

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